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India, a land so vast and diverse in culture, heritage, language and people is bestowed with an equally rich and vast treasure of natural beauty. The British must be given credit for developing most of India's hill stations. They did to escape the blistering heat of the long Indian summer. Towering and as if blessing this land is the world's youngest and largest East to West mountain chain, known as the Himalayas Stretching some 2560 Kilometers in an arc across the top of the Indian subcontinent.

The picturesque Hill stations are popular providing a relaxing and salubrious retreat from the heat and dust of the plains. Not only they offer relief from the heat and dust of the plains, their beautiful green surroundings, solitude, salubrious weather and spectacular views makes them ideal holiday spots offering quick relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. India has seven principal mountain ranges and the most important amongst them are the Himalayas. Most are well connected by rail and road and offer some beautiful retreats to stay in.

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