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Ayurveda the traditional form of Indian medicine was developed by ancient sages whose astute observations led to the development of constitutional medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine too has similar origins. Over the past 5000 years the Ayurvedic and chinese traditions have developed sophisticated systems of medicines. The ancients visualized the universe as a constant play of energies, an imbalance of which created discomfort and disease in the body. It was the duty of the vaidya/ (physician) to harmonize this imbalance of the body - mind environment. 

Ayurveda is an intricate system of healing that originated in India thousands of years ago. This system of medicine stressed on the prevention of body ailments in addition to curing them. Followed by the Dravidians and Aryans alike, Ayurveda has been practised ever since.

Yoga is a system of exercises for the physical & mental well being. It combines stylised poses with deep breathing and meditation. The term yoga itself is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning 'to join together'. The ultimate aim of yoga it to unite the human soul with the universal spritYoga was developed about 5 thousand years ago. Its founders were great Sages who carried 
out intense feats of physical and mental concentration. Yoga has its origins in the Vedas, the oldest records of Indian culture. The great Indian sage Patanjali who described a series of postures or Asanas, which the student gradually tries to attain, systematized it. 

Maharishi Patanjali rightly called as the "Father of Yoga" compiled and refined various aspects of Yoga systematically in his "Yoga Sutras" (aphorisms). He advocated the eight-fold path of Yoga, popularly known as "Ashtanga Yoga" for the all-round development of the human personality..

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