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      1. Product Center
        We provided services to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in the area of discovery chemistry services, custom synthesis, scale up synthesis, process R&D and contract manufacture.
        About Us
        Hangzhou Cheminspire technologies Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang Hangzhou Sci-Tech City (Haichuang Park). Cheminspire focuses on development of cutting-edge technologies and provides novel products with high quality and services for the pharmaceutical industries.

        Cheminspire can also provide integrated chemistry outsourcing service to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide.
        Futured Products
        Statement: The APIs listed above are only for scientific research , not for any commercial purpose.
        • Custom Synthesis
        • Process R & D and Production
        • FTE Contract Research
        • Analytical Chemistry Service
        Contact Us

        Address: 16# Longtan road, Cangqian town, Hangzhou, China (311121)
        Tel: 86-571-89081561
        Fax: 86-571-89081561
        Site: www.bigtoptravels.com
        E-mail: info@cheminspire.com